THE READING Book 127: Thing (Chris Powling)

0127K0124. Thing - Chris Powling

AUTHOR/ARTIST Chris Powling. Illustrated by Alan Marks

GENRE fiction, paperback, young adult. horror

PUBLISHER Barrington Stoke


YEAR 2006


DESCRIPTION Black button eyes. Zig-zag mouth. Stiff body. Thing. Once it was Robbie’s best friend. Now it’s become his enemy…



I wasn’t really sure how to give a quick description for this book, so I just used what was on the cover.

It’s interesting. I’ll give it that. Robbie is a boy that was given a cuddly toy when he was younger. He took it everywhere with him. When he started primary school, he started getting teased for it. So, he did what anyone would. He stopped taking it to school with him. It’s like, the horror version of Toy Story.

Thing is though, it’s apparently for teens. Which I don’t get. It’s less than 40 pages of actual reading. Illustrated. Large print. Tons of spaces. It reminds me of those books they use to teach kids how to read real books. You know how Goosebumps is for kids? The way this is written, it seems as though it’s for kids younger than that. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just seems like it’s geared towards the wrong age group.

The ending is open ended. It’s done to seem like the kid is writing it, and with the ending, it has to be open ended. You aren’t told what happens… But with what you have been told, and the illustration, you have a pretty good idea about what happens so you seriously start to question this kids actions.

Anyway, I actually liked it. I’m not all that into sewing, but this had me wanting to make my own Thing. It was interesting, odd, short and just… odd. Plus, the book itself looks good.


Book #127
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Lose #3


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