Ane Doki! (Kawashita Mizuki) book, fiction – manga

734. Ane Doki - Kawashita Mizuki
Comedy, ecchi, romance, school, shounen
Chapters 26
Score 8


13 year old Kouta meets a mysterious and sexy high school girl that takes his ice cream. After hearing that his father has left him alone due to his job, she moves in to take care of him.


Just a heads up, the entire thing is centered around ecchi. Tons of panty shots and big boobs and awkward and sexual situations. If you don’t like ecchi, why would you continue reading?

Anyway, the age thing is a little iffy. The boys 13 and the girl is 17. Which isn’t that big a difference and if they were all 5 years older, I wouldn’t care at all. But the situations are funny, the boys cute, the girl is hot. Then of course there’s a loli and a violent girl.

The stories interesting, the end is a little open ended but good. A sequel would be nice but… even without it, it’s good. The art is great, the characters are attractive.


Anyway, I say read it. The story itself is better than you’d expect from the description (here or elsewhere).


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