Airyouran Gakuen (Ishida Kaname) book, fiction – manga

728. Airyouran Gakuen - Ishida Kaname
Chapters 5
Score 8


Echizen Makoto goes to an all boys school. One day he encounters the tall and handsome Fujimiya.


So… the main couple have only two chapters dedicated to them. Then there are two other couples with a chapter each and finally, a chapter about Makoto and his friend.

I’m not a big fan of the eyes, but other than that, the art is attractive enough. Although I feel like so much effort was put into the handsome group that they weren’t that attractive. Makoto and Sayama were much better looking in my opinion.

As for the stories, the main couple was cute enough but it was nothing but misunderstandings and little more than kissing. The second couple (with Usagi-chan?) Was cute enough. I was a little sad that it took so long for them to understand each other though. The third couple (with glasses) was really cute and good though. Definitely my favourite. It’s a little sad that Sayama didn’t get paired up though.


Anyway, I liked it well enough. Perfect for a cute and sometimes funny read with some bl.


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