Ai no Chikara de Koi wo Suru no da (Natsumizu Ritsu) book, fiction – manga

726. Ai no Chikara de Koi wo Suru no da - Natsumizu Ritsu
Drama, romance, yaoi
Chapters 8
Score 8


Trying to get revenge on a former lover, a man meets and falls in love with another man. Includes side story with a supporting character, a one shot where a high school boy finds a love letter his sex friend wrote, and a one shot of a high school boy that can’t confess to his sex friend.


I love the art. It’s nice, the characters are attractive and cute. Sex scenes are… not hard core. Bit good. What you’d expect really.

I wasn’t too into the main story. It takes place over three days for the most part. It makes very little sense. I guess you could argue love at first sight but… it was cute and simple and fluffy. It never got into anything too serious. The side story was cute, a bit more serious but not by much.

The one shot where the guy found a love letter was great though. It was cute and sweet with just the right amount of painfulness that’s needed for the relationship between high school kids that barely even understand their own feelings. It’s a little predictable, but great.


Anyway, as much as I’d recommend the one chapter (7, My Throbbing Heart), the rest is just whatever, aside from the art.


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