My Little Monster (2012) anime, TV – sub

444. My Little Monster
Comedy, romance, school, shoujo, slice of life
Episodes 13
Duration 24 mins
Rating PG-13
Score 10
Voices Tomatsu Haruka, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Abe Atsushi, Higuchi Tomoyuki, Tanezaki Atsumi, Hanazawa Kana, Osaka Ryota, Ono Yuuki, Terashima Takuma


Mizutani Shizuku is a cold girl that cares about nothing but studying and her grades. One day she has to take school work to her classmate Yoshida Haru, who is unpredictable, violent, innocent and although wants friends, has a hard time making them. He declares that she is his friend, and soon after, confesses to her.


So… I’ve seen the main story before. Cold girl that doesn’t care about people meets a hyper guy that confesses. She slowly warms up to the idea, makes friends and her and the guy take care of a pet. But there are differences. In this case, the guy himself doesn’t really have friends either. The ones he does have are just using him. The girl has no real reason not to be interested in anyone. Then instead of a cat, like it usually seems to be, the animal is a rooster.

Being considered a slice of life, you kind of have to like the characters. And nearly all the characters have something that make you like them. Haru is fun and cute and almost seems to have a split personality in some cases. Shizuku is ok, but she does annoy me sometimes. Whenever she seems to make some progress, she reverts. The one character is cute with lots of personality, although I can’t really relate to her. She’s dumb and pretty so boys want her and girls avoid her. Then there’s a baseball guy that seems to be the straight character. Then a girl with glasses that’s lacks confidence in everything. Plus a cute guy with too much pride that makes him kind of funny.

You get some back stories on them, but not much. In Haru’s case, you’re left with more questions than answers.


I highly recommend it. Of course, it’s highly character driven so if you don’t like the characters after the first couple episodes, it’s probably not for you.


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