Shivers (1975) live action, movie – Canada

Horror, sci fi
Duration 87 mins
Rating R
Score 6
Director/writer David Cronenberg
Cast Paul Hampton, Joe Silver, Lynn Lowry, Alan Kolman, Susan Petrie, Barbara Steele


A parasite that causes its host to obeys its sexual and violent urges begins to infect a high-rise apartment on an island.


Considering it’s a movie about a bunch of violent sex-crazed fiends, there’s a surprising lack of sex. And the nudity is pretty much just boobs. I think there was one woman that took her panties off. As such, it probably could have been better. It only actually had kissing. Even the “rape” scenes were kissing and tearing clothes.

So, the parasite was creepy (think bloody dick slug thing), but it was quite tame. Although I should mention that it hints towards pedophilia, incest and rape. And in case some uber conservative person is reading this (why they would is beyond me but…), same sex (male and female) and interracial.


Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend it. Unless you’re ok with a movie about sex with nothing more than kissing.


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