Sleeping Beauty (2011) live action, movie – Australia

sleeping beauty. 2011
Drama, romance
Duration 101 mins
Score 5
Director/writer Julia Leigh
Cast Rachael Blake, Emily Browning, Les Chantery, Eden Falk, Mirrah Foulkes, Robin Goldsworthy


A young woman with school and multiple jobs takes another requiring her to serve guests in lingerie. Eventually, she is required to sleep nude with paying guests.


I don’t get it. It makes no sense to me. I can’t figure out when this girl sleeps, until she gets a job sleeping that is. I don’t get why it took her so long to become curious about happened while she slept. I don’t understand how she could be working so much and not be able to pay her rent. I feel like it’s supposed to be something meaningful and artsy and serious but all I get from it are boobs. Small ones at that. Big enough to keep me watching but…

The main girl is skinny with small boobs. I guess she’s attractive enough, although I prefer bigger boobs. But the character seems bored and flaky. She I don’t understand how she keeps any of her jobs. She does drugs in public washrooms. She has random sex. At one point she goes to see a friend, starts stripping and crying and… well… I’m not going to say anymore in case you want to see it, but it makes no sense. That and a scene at the end are the only times she shows real emotions but her actions make no sense to me.

Then the guys are just weird. One is doing drugs, one is just… weird… then the old men are paying for her and doing weird things. I can’t tell if they have their manhood though. The one shows a full frontal but you don’t see anything. Maybe he’s a grower but…


It’s all very odd and boring. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you want to watch Emily Browning naked and sleeping for like, an hour of the movie.


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