Aishichattano (Hoshino Lily) book, fiction – manga

738. Aishichattano - Hoshino Lily
School, yaoi, shota


Collection of seven stand alone stories centered around school boys.


I didn’t really like this one. I wasn’t a huge fan of the art, although I did like the hair and the penises were actually shown. I didn’t much care for the characters though. The uke in every couple looked prepubescent and in the one couple, I’m quite sure he was… he looked and acted like he was maybe 10. Even had shorts, knee high socks and what looked like a child’s penis. At least with the others they seemed to be about the same age as their partners. Not the one though. Then there was one that was pushing towards rape that maybe wasn’t? The chocolate one was okay. But I question if the boy would have been willing if not for the chocolate.

Overall, there’s not much story and what little story there seems to be seems to just be cute fluff. Everyone gets what they want with no one sided loves.


I wouldn’t recommend it, but it isn’t the worst thing out there.


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