Itsudatte My Santa! (2005) anime, OVA – sub

448. Itsudatte My Santa
Comedy, ecchi, fantasy, romance, shounen
Voices Hirano Aya, Kamei Jun, Kobayashi Yuu, Chiba Saeko, Tamura Yukari, Sakurai Tomo


Santa, who was born on Christmas eve, has always spent his Christmases alone. Until Mai, a Santa in training decides she’s going to spend the night with him and make him happy.


The most annoying thing about this is that at the end of episode 2 there’s a preview for another episode. Which doesn’t exist. So I thought maybe I could read the manga. Nope. That’s only a one shot. So obviously I’m now curious about that since there were 2 episodes.

So anyway, this review may contain some SPOILERS because I feel like complaining a little.

Anyway, I felt like it could have been interesting. But it was missing something. For the most part, the ecchi had no purpose. But the story was interesting and the idea that when a Santa has enough magic from people believing in them, their body changes. Which is kind of awesome. But the talk a lot about how Mai has a baby face and toddler like body. Sure, she’s young looking and has small breasts, but she isn’t that young looking and the breasts are probably bs or cs. Then, with very little happening, the characters seem to fall in love with each other. But kissing only happens in the first episode. The second episode has almost nothing happen. One second it’s summer and they’re at the beach, then it’s Montage and Christmas eve.


So… I wouldn’t bother with it unless you’re really desperate to watch a holiday themed anime.


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