Switchmas (2012) live action, movie – USA

Comedy, family
Director Sue Corcoran
Writers Douglas Horn, Angie Louise, Sue Corcoran
Cast Elliott Gould, David DeLuise, Elijah Nelson, Justin Thomas Howell, Cynthia Geary, Angela DiMarco, Shaye Hodgins, Julianne Christie, Jenna Levin, Meg Savlov, Tony Doupe, Jack Fleischmann


11 year old Ira Finklestein is obsessed with Christmas. Unfortunately, he’s Jewish. So when his dreams of going to Aspen to at least have a white Christmas are crushed and he’s sent by himself to Florida to his grandparents, he takes matters into his own hands when he meets Mikey Amato, a boy traveling alone to celebrate Christmas with his cousins while wishing himself to go somewhere warm.


It was cute and funny. I sort of wish they had more Chanukah in it though. Sure, it’s technically a Christmas movie. But it only showed the first night of Chanukah and the rest was Christmas and playing with old guys. It’s a movie about two kids that celebrate different holidays switching placements. Show more of the actual holiday stuff. That being said, all I know of Chanukah came from Rugrats. So not much. And I got into an argument earlier about whether it’s 8 days or 13 days long (looked it up, 8 days. I was right. Like usual).

Anyway, it’s fun. That’s pretty much it. It’s a fun movie about Christmas and family, even if you aren’t related by blood. There’s not actually much to say about it… good acting, entertaining story (even better than what I was expecting since I figured it would be a Parent Trap type thing), decent singing. A dog obsessed drunk bimbo. What more could you ask for?


So… I recommend it. But there’s gotta be a better Chanukah movie… so it’s now my mission to find at least one to watch that doesn’t star Tommy Pickles.


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