Ingyaku Kanzokutou (Uziga Waita) book, fiction – manga

721. Ingyaku Kanzokutou - Uziga Waita
hentai, horror, guro, dismemberment, rape


The main story is about a strong woman that goes to a strange prison. Include a story about a teacher that dishes out severe punishment, a girl trying to save her sister from an insane professor, and a boy that can stop time.


WARNING graphic, rape, dismemberment


I loved the one shot about that boy that could stop time. I really wish there was more. I feel like it could be fun.

The one in the prison was iffy. It, like many others, have me questioning if that kind of titty fucking is actually possible. It was interesting enough and the ending was great.

That classroom one was interesting enough. I don’t understand how the parents allow it though. What kind of parents would be okay with that?

As for the one with the professor, I feel would have been better had it been longer. Not enough was really explained. It came into the middle of the story.


Anyway, it’s not super gross, but there is rape and torture (and dismemberment. A lot of dismemberment). So if you’re okay with that, go for it. If not, why are you still reading?


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