Hell Season (various) book, fiction – manga

720. Hell Season - various
Anthology collection centering around guro.
Authors/artists Horihone Saizou, Uziga Waita, Kago Shintarou, Hayami Jun, Tsukimori Masato, Machino Henmaru, Shiraishi Asuka


WARNING Guro, scat, nudity, amputation, gore, decapitation, pregnancy, holes (That don’t belong, just in case anyone reading this has trypophobia), maggots and other crawly things, vivisection.


When All’s Said and Done Young girls become constipated
The Piece of Meat is Talking A woman is punished in front of her daughter
Overflowing Stomach A woman gets sick on another
Chrysalis A young girl is abused
Rotten Bud A woman learns about pre-war sex
The Last Disposal Spot two men clean out a drain
The Holes A girl is molested on the train
Shameless Ranger a cyclops is rescued by a priestess
MDK an army base becomes a cease fire zone
Crowd of Shit-Sacks ????


Umm… well… I’m not a fan of scat and for some reason, girls were refusing to shit in the first chapter. Then there’s a chapter where a woman is brutally murdered with her daughter forced to watch. Then although this is only the second guro I’ve read, but it seems as though pregnancy is a horrible thing to happen in these… so I think these will work to give me that sick feeling. Glad I’ve found something. But then… I also found a decent amount funny. Especially the chapter with the holes…


Anyway, this isn’t something for the weak of stomach/heart so I’d probably only recommend it to people that like scat/guro/horror. And although it’s classed as hentai, it should be read more as horror in my opinion. There is some sex but… not enough to class it as hentai in my books.


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