Dream Knight (2015) live action, drama – South Korea

213. Dream Knight
Fantasy, romance
Cast Song Ha Yoon, JB, Park Jin Young, Mark, Jackson, Bhuwakul Kunpimook, Yu Gyeom, Young Jae, Min


A young girls life is turned upside down when she gets involved with four boys and an idol group.


Umm… I’m not sure what to say about this. First of all, the acting is ok. Some of the ones that aren’t the main three are iffy. But not horrible. That being said, all the main guys are part of an idol group. So the shows main purpose is obviously to promote the group. It’s also obvious that it’s made for the fans. As such, it’s OK if not all the acting is amazing. But it’s as good as you’d expect from a show meant for teens.

As for the story, it was actually interesting. Way better than I expected. Although I am a little disappointed with the end. I don’t want to give too much away so I’m not going to get into details, but there’s something wrong that, to my knowledge, can’t be fixed. At the end the showed a year later but didn’t even actually mention it. That sort of annoyed me.

Then the main girl annoyed me. The actress was fine, but the girl was horribly annoying and seemed to think it was OK if she didn’t understand people’s feelings and most of the time she was a major brat. With what was going on with her, I expected her to be a little more… mature I guess?


Anyway, as someone that doesn’t care about the group at all and never even heard of them until I watched this, I liked it. Don’t go into it expected a masterpiece. It’s a sweet and cute little teen fantasy romance thing. Expect much more, you’ll be disappointed. And sure, there are a few things I wish they would have done more with, but it was fun. I feel like that’s sort of the point. To be fun.


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