Sleeping with Hinako (2010) anime, OVA – sub

437. Sleeping with Hinako
Director Kimura Shinichiro
Voice Kadowaki Mai


Sleep with Hinako.


Luke it says, you’re sleeping with a girl named Hinako (not like that you pervert!)

It’s about 50 minutes long. Opens up with a girl playing a video game and when she notices to,  gets ready for bed. About 5 minutes in, she’s asleep. That’s it for the next 20 minutes or so. He sleeping. Going back and forth between shots of her boobs (nice and big), her crotch and her butt (white panties to go with her innocent and childish personality). Then about half way through she starts having dreams. Falls out of bed a couple times. Sings you a lullaby, kisses you and gets a late night snack. Then morning comes 3 or 4 times. One of those times she starts yelling at you to wake up. Even though we were awake way later than her.

Originally, I planned on dropping it. About half way through I was falling asleep. She sleeps loudly, but it was like white noise. So after the first half, I laid down and put on the second half. Then she started doing stuff. It was annoying.


So… in my opinion, I say watch the first 5 mins, skip about 20 (or 15 if you wanna watch her sleep a bit) then continue. But you really aren’t missing anything. Unless you kinda wanna feel like a pervert. It’s obvious it’s made for socially awkward guys that want some human contact but are too nervous of real girls.


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