Curly Top (1935) live action, movie – USA (colour)

curly top
Family, musical, romance
Director Irving Cummings
Writers Patterson McNutt, Arthur J Beckhard, William M Conselman, Sonya Levien, James Parrott, Jean Webster
Cast Shirley Temple, John Boles, Rochelle Hudson, Jane Darwell, Rafaela Ottiano, Arthur Treacher, Maurice Murphy


A cheerful orphan and her sister are adopted by a man using an alias. As he spends more time with the two girls, he falls in love with the older sister.


I have a hard time with this one. It’s got great music, good actors and is entertaining enough. But the story itself seems weird. You go to an orphanage, meet a little girl and get so interested in her you’re going to adopt her. But her sister (who is probably pretty damn near fully grown) refuses to be separated from her sister. So of course you adopt them both. But you don’t want them to know so you tell them someone else adopted them. Then you fall in love with your daughter (because you did adopt her, right? You wouldn’t lie about that as well, right?) And then this woman doesn’t give a damn that you lied about something as serious about who her and her younger sisters new father is and who has been spending all this money on them. Any normal person, even in the ’30’s would get a little annoyed by this. But that doesn’t happen. Even though not long before, she was willing to marry someone else just to get away from you because she heard you say you weren’t interested. So why did she not get upset about you lying to her since she met you?

I sort of wish it was just the singing, Shirley, the butler (Treacher I think?) And the animals. They were the best parts of the movie. The romance thing just got in the way.


So… I’d say watch it, even if a large part of the movie is a waste of time. But I’m sure there are people that like that sort of cheesy unrealistic romance.


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