THE READING Book 126: Goosebumps (7) Night of the Living Dummy (RL Stine)


TITLEGoosebumps (7) Night of the Living Dummy


GENRE fiction, childrens. fantasy, horror, mystery, paranormal, thriller

PUBLISHER Scholastic Inc


YEAR 1993


DESCRIPTION After her twin sister Lindy finds a ventriloquist dummy, Kris becomes jealous and wants one of her own. But when she does get her own, strange things begin to happen.


This was one of the few things that creeped me out growing up. The book was creepy, the episode was creepier. This is still creepy. Although it’s cheesy still…

It’s hard for me to actually tell if Goosebumps is actually good or not. It has that nostalgia factor. If I didn’t read or watch Goosebumps growing up, would I like it now in my 20’s? In all honesty… I don’t know. It’s cheesy. Sometimes way too cheesy. But they’re written in a way to keep the reader interested and the stories are good, with a bit of a twist that you may or may not expect. It plays on common fears people, especially young people have. In this, it has the obvious. The dummys. Most people find Dummy creepy. Off putting at the least. Then it has that no one believes the one girl in it. Pretty common. But it’s commonly used in books or shows because it’s a common thing people worry about or are scared about.

So… I feel like even if I didn’t grow up Goosebumps, it’s still something I’d like. Even with the major cheese factor.

Book #126
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