THE READING Books 120-122: Fushigi Yuugi vol 7-9 (Watase Yuu)

0120K0117. Fushigi Yuugi volume 7 - Watase Yuu 0121K0118. Fushigi Yuugi volume 8 - Watase Yuu 0122K0119. Fushigi Yuugi volume 9 - Watase Yuu
Volume 7: Castaway
Volume 8: Friend
Volume 9: Lover


GENRE Fiction, manga. Action, adventure, drama, fantasy, historical, romance, shoujo, harem



YEAR 2002, 2003, 2008

NOTES strong hints of rape, nudity

DESCRIPTION Vol 7: Castaway After their attempt to summon Suzaku goes wrong, Miaka and her warriors must go on a quest in order to find another way. However, the Seiryu warriors will stop at nothing to get what they want, even if that means killing children.

Vol 8: Friend After getting shipwrecked by an attack by a Seiryu warrior, Miaka and the rest land on an island inhabited by only women where men aren’t permitted. Later on, they’re attacked again by the Seiryu warriors, this time with worse results.

Vol 9: Lover SPOILERS from Vol 8 After Nuriko sacrifices herself, Miaka and the warriors are able to get the Shentso-Pao. Nakago and the other Seiryu warriors have other plans however.



Volume 7: Castaway actually sort of bored me during the first half. It’s all about Miaka trying to avoid Tamahome and spouting nonsense like they aren’t allowed to love each other or touch each other because she has to be a pure virgin. It has me questioning whether or not she knows what a virgin is. Then the second half and the Seiryu warriors… all of them are fucked in the head. Seriously. I really don’t care what Miaka or her brother think, the fact the Yui is staying with these people means she is horrible as well. You can’t tell me she doesn’t have some idea of how these people are, even if it’s pretty much just the one she’s actually been around up to now. As for the art… why don’t the guys have nipples? It’s weird enough seeing Nuriko with a man’s body, but to not give her or Tamahome nipples? It’s creepy. But most of the second half is actually really depressing. There’s the obvious thing that I’m not going to get into because of spoilers, but then you get a bit of a back story of Nuriko, even if it is only about two pages. You also learn a bit about Chichiri and how he got the scar, even if you don’t get specifics. So, although you do get some interesting stuff about the characters and one really depressing scene, I found this book kind of boring. Probably because if it wasn’t boring, it was depressing. Even the humourous parts seemed forced in this one because of how serious the rest was.

Vol 8: Friend This I think was one of the better volumes. I can’t believe I didn’t see the end coming though. I read this before (a few years ago though… and I’m good at forgetting things that don’t agree with me). Not only that, but there were parts throughout this volume and the last that were hinting to it happening. I really want to rant about this… but I’m not going to. I don’t like getting into spoilers….

Vol 9: Lover Now the books are starting to read in a way that I’m used to. It annoys me that I had to get the series in three different versions though. Anyway, things are starting to get serious. Nuriko has died in order to get the Shentso-Pao so Miaka can summon Suzaku, but Nakago appears to have made it so that it will be impossible for her to do so in an extremely cruel way. I wonder if he actually did though… Anyway, I’m really questioning how they’re going to make this last another 9 volumes. This volume seems to have made it so it has to end in maybe one volume…


Anyway, I still want to read it. Some things don’t make much sense like why the Suzaku warriors are pretty much normal people while the Seiryu ones are just… but yea… not sure if I’d suggest it though. It seems like a guilty pleasure type of thing to me.


Book #120-122
Keep #117
Lose #3


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