One Piece: East Blue Saga (1999-2001) anime, TV – sub

One Piece East Blue Saga
Action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, shounen, super power
Voices Tanaka Mayumi, Okamura Akemi, Nakai Kazuya, Hirata Hiroaki, Yamaguchi Kappei


Romance Dawn Arc (episodes 1-3) Shows how Luffy got his powers and why he wanted to become a pirate, helps a boy escape from a woman pirate and tries to get Zoro to join him who is being held prisoner by Marine, Captain Axe-Hand Morgan.

This started out pretty slow. But it was interesting enough for me to keep watching.


Orange Town Arc (episodes 4-8) Luffy is taken by a bird to an island under the control of a pirate named Buggy and his crew. Luffy and Zoro fight against them and in the process, meet Nami who later becomes their navigator.

This arc was much more interesting than the first in my opinion. It is still a little… not sure? Luffy has creepy eyes that make me a little uncomfortable so him being the main character turns me off a little…


Syrup Village (episodes 9-17) Arriving on a small island, Luffy, Zoro and Nami meet “Captain Usopp,” who is well known for lying. Soon after, Usopp and Luffy hear of a pirate plot and must try to put a stop to it without the villagers discovering it.

I was kind of… bored watching it? The enemy this time was interesting enough, but after Buggy, he was actually boring… plus, it was sort of obvious right from the beginning that he was going to be a problem and he just kept doing things to piss me off. Then Usopp was kind of annoying… the “boy who called wolf” is over used and just annoyed me. But the fact that he actually thought people would believe him was just sad… I don’t know. Maybe I’m just not in the mood for it today? The eye thing still bugs me… it’s like, even the good guys have bad guy eyes? It’s just off putting…


Baratie Arc episodes 18-30 The crew meet two of Zoros friends direct them to a restaurant ship called Baratie. There, Luffy meets Sanji and wants to get him to join the crew as the cook. Before that however, a pirate called Don Krieg wants to take over the restaurant to replace his damaged ship.

I kind of think it’s starting to get more interesting at this point. But it almost felt like too much was going on. You had the people at the restaurant and their story line, one episode each dedicated to Zoro and Sanjis pasts, then Zoro had his own thing going on, Kriegs crew had something going on, Nami has something going on and then there was Luffy who was just… Luffy… (in all honesty, I don’t like him yet. He’s kind of creepy…) All that being said, I think I like Sanji and Zoro is awesome. So I did like this arc. Even if I didn’t much care for Luffy or Krieg.


Arlong Park arc episodes 31-45 After Nami steals the ship, the group (including new member Sanji and Zoros two friends) split up to finish things at the restaurant and to find Nami. This turns into a battle over Nami and her hometown, Cocoyasi Village, which is ruled by part fish Arlong and his crew.

I have mixed feelings about the one. The fish people creeped me out and I don’t like Nami. This arc was all fish people and Nami. Very little else. It was fun though (although I guess a little sad if you like Nami…) and I think I actually started to kind of not mind Luffy too much? He’s maybe on Goku (Dragon Ball) level at this point. I can see why people like him… but there’s a couple traits that just annoy me. I think it’s largely due to the eyes.


Buggy Side Story episodes 46-47 Follows Buggy trying to find his crew while the crew tries to decide on the new captain after having been beaten by Luffy.

It was cute and funny I guess… Buggy is cute when he’s missing most of his body. And he doesn’t seem to actually be a completely horrible person. The crews kinda okay as well. And the new captain? Awesome… but… kinda… boring? Not much actually happens. But a new woman was introduced that’s after the bounty on Luffy so… maybe something important to the story?


Loguetown Arc episodes 48-53 Luffy and the crew make a stop at Loguetown, the birth and death place of Gold D Roger before going to the Grand Line. Here, the encounter Buggy, a female pirate, and a marine captain named Smoker, to name a few.

This was more of a fun arc the the others. There’s no actual battles shown and what is shown doesn’t have much to do with Luffy and them. The battles they do take part in are more like every day things. Like cooking. It’s all very laid back. I am curious though. Weren’t those Devil fruit things supposed to be rare? Like… some people don’t even realize they actually exist rare? So it’s odd having four in one place, isn’t it?


Warship Island Arc episodes 54-61 Filler arc. While heading to the Grand Line, the crew rescue a young girl the was floating in the ocean after escaping from the Marines. This leads to the crew helping her return a dragon to its home while being up against the Marines and a hired mercenary (with Devil Fruit powers) that want the dragon for themselves.

Even though it’s a filler… I think this arc was my favourite of the East Blue Saga. It was fun and entertaining. The story was cute. It had some funny moments. Plus, dragons. Not exactly the kind I like since they just looked like giant birds… but dragons none the less. In my opinion, even if you are one of those people that skip fillers, it’s worth watching.


Overall, I guess the shows interesting enough to keep watching. It probably doesn’t even break into my top 50. But it’s got pirates and even if Luffy creeps me out and I hate Nami, I do like the rest of them well enough.


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