One Piece: Adventure in the Ocean’s Navel (2000) anime, special – sub

431. One Piece Adventure in the Oceans Navel
Action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, shounen, super power
Voices Tanaka Mayumi, Okamura Akemi, Nakai Kazuya, Yamaguchi Kappei, Hirata Hiroaki, Ootsuka Akio, Takayama Minami, Ootani Ikue

Finding a treasure chest with a skull and a note about a treasure that can grant wishes, Nami, Sanji and Usopp decide to investigate the whirlpool, leaving Luffy and Zoro on the ship. Shortly after arriving, they’re attacked by a giant monster, pulling the ship down. Luffy and Zoro manage to get off the ship but land in a town that is attacked by giant monsters.

I thought this one was kind of boring. I’ll admit, One Piece would never make one of my top 10s (maybe eventually). But I think I can see why people like it. It has a certain charm and even I find myself pulled into the story every once in a while. But it feels like this is missing that charm. I guess it was interesting enough. But unless I missed something, there are some things that aren’t explained that leave me with more questions than answers. And the characters that need the help just aren’t very likeable. You feel nothing for them. I guess it’s not fair for me to compare it to the series though. They have more time to flesh out the characters and such.

Anyway, take it or leave it. I doubt it would have any affect on the show itself.


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