Chimera: Angel of Death (1997) anime, OVA – sub

429. Chimera Angel of Death
Drama, hentai
Voices Watanabe Misa, Miki Shinichiro, Yuuki Hiro


First, because of over sensitive people that probably shouldn’t read this anyway, something that might be a bit of a spoiler, the main character is a futanari aka hermaphrodite aka (for complete idiots) the main character has both natural breasts and a penis. Now onto the actual stuff.


Rei is a professional assassin. While being haunted by dreams of a boy being raped and his parents killed on his birthday, she is working for John Roy, the man from her dreams.

So… this is actually… soft? When the guys are being raped, they make almost no noise, if any. More sounds were made while they were getting sucked off. From the sounds, I almost thought the man was getting bitten because of the sounds he was making. The story itself didn’t make much sense. Most hentai don’t though.  Even the sex scenes were crap though. Very boring and dull. They’d scream every once in a while, but not much. And then after Rei does what she was planning to do at the start, she goes off and manages to kill some obviously drugged up and psychotic bastard with a rose. Leading to another story which made even less sense.

The art is iffy, but I wouldn’t say it’s horrible. Although the blood is kinda crap.


With hentai, I normally base it on how… well… I’m sure you know what I mean… if you’re old enough to be reading this anyway. And I gotta say, this failed miserably. I’ve seen episodes of Pokemon that were better than this.


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