THE READING Book 115: Deadpool Omnibus (Joe Kelly)

0115K0112. Deadpool Omnibus - Joe Kelly
Deadpool Omnibus

AUTHOR/ARTIST Joe Kelly w/ Stan Lee, James Felder. Ed McGuinness, Aaron Lopresti, Bernard Chang, Pete Woods, Shannon Denton, John Romita sr, Walter McDaniel, Steve Harris, Anthony Williams, David Brewer, Eric Canet, Kevin Lau, John Fang, Yancey Labat, Joe Cooper, Brian Smith, Mark Powers, Rob Liefeld

GENRE fiction, graphic novel. Superhero.

PUBLISHER Marvel Worldwide INC

PAGE 1160

YEAR 2013 (copyrights – 1967, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2008, 2010, 2014)


DESCRIPTION Issues #1-33, #900 of DeadpoolFlashback Wade Wilson. Daredevil/Deadpool annual (1997). Annual starring Deadpool and Death (1998). Wizard #0. Baby’s First Deadpool BookThe Amazing Spider-Man #47, #611. (For details, look at the bottom).


#1-5 are pretty good. It sort of annoys me that it keeps referencing some 2nd limited series thing. I don’t have it. I can’t read it. I want to know what’s going on with the teeth but I can’t find the answer. Also, I’m not a big fan of comics. The art is good, the colour is nice, but I’m not used to colour. At least this is more like, graphic novel. I don’t much care for the paper, but it’s a nice big book. That I have to read somewhere I can set it down. I can barely lift the damn thing, let alone read it if I have to carry it. The pages also aren’t the strongest. One already tore because the fan turned towards it at the same time I was turning the page. But that aside, it was interesting enough even if at this point the only characters I know are Deadpool and the Hulk. Speaking of the Hulk, has he always been able to talk properly? I thought in hulk form he could only say “Hulk” and “smash”…

Flashback Wade Wilson, Also Known As Deadpool: The End of Wade Wilson barely has the title character in it. He shows up twice and you don’t even see his face. So, it wasn’t very funny. It wasn’t even all that interesting in my opinion. He’s been being watched, he gets cancer and they leave it at that. Nothing really happens and the end is a little sad, although you can see it coming from a mile away.

Daredevil/Deadpool annual (1997) I’m not actually a big fan of Daredevil. He reminds me too much of Batman. Then that nearly holier-than-thou attitude of his… it was nice to see him get hit a couple times….

#6-8 were okay when it came to Deadpool. Mary annoys the hell outta me though. I just want Deadpool to kill her and be done with it.

#9 I love that room that Deathtrap guy had. It even looked like there was a creepy Elvis thing there. I would love it if my room looked like that. It was a little slow though. But I think Bill Clinton showed up…

#10-11 were kind of interesting. That hero group annoys me. They’re just a bunch of idiots with powers that don’t seem to know much of anything. But the Spider-Man cross over was interesting. I didn’t realize MJ was such a complete ditz. I’m sort of hoping they were just making fun of her in this. …

Annual starring Deadpool and Death (1998) had me crying at one part. I actually had to stop because I couldn’t see through the tears. Horrible. But I kinda sorta loved this…. probably my favourite part of the book up to this point…

#17-19 I didn’t like Ajax and Killbrew sort of annoys me, as did the random woman that got dragged into it and the ghosts… but I still really liked it. I think mostly because you get to find out more of what happened before he was Deadpool and how he feels about certain things. Even if most of that was from the annual.

Wizard #0 is more fun than anything else. It’s about a dozen pages of fun. Lots of killing and funniness. Then boobs.

#21-25 I loved it. It had more about what Al thinks of Deadpool and Deadpool having a bit of an internal struggle which was really heartbreaking… Anyway, if I go too into this I’ll give away things a shouldn’t….

#26 I have no idea what’s going on in this. Deadpool appears to be doing all the talking. It makes a little bit of sense why at the end. But overall, I have no idea what’s going on.

#32 seriously confuses. Especially the end. And I don’t know if I like where things are headed….

Baby’s First Deadpool Book is cute and hilarious. Especially the part with Blarney. I want a copy that isn’t in such a big and heavy book. I must say, if I had children, I would definitely read it to them before bed.

#900 I’m not sure if I found this funny… or sad… I feel kinda bad for Deadpool. The fatass was horrible to him.

The Amazing Spider-Man #611 was fun. I like Deadpool and Spider-Man together. In all honesty, I thing Deadpool suits Spidey better than MJ. But I kinda don’t want to ship them… Still, them together is fun and kind of funny. Although I have no idea what’s going on…

The Amazing Spider-Man #47 was sort of… boring… I only sort of skimmed through it…


Overall, I’d say it’s definitely worth the read. That being said, I kinda love Deadpool so… I’m probably a little biased…

Book #115
Keep #112
Lose #3




#1Deadpool is hired to destroy an “unmanned” scientific edifice.

#2 Weasel was kidnapped by Taskmaster and Deadpool has to rescue him.

#3Deadpool, after being unable to grow his finger back, gets a package which leads to him getting the help of Siryn to take revenge against her uncle. But it’s someone else that awaits him.

#4 In order to live, Deadpool must fight the Hulk.

#5 Siryn tries to help the human side of Deadpool when he wants to kill Killbrew. T-Ray has a grudge against Deadpool.

Flashback Wade Wilson, Also Known As Deadpool: The End of Wade Wilson Wade Wilson before he becomes Deadpool. Focuses more on his girlfriend, Venessa and Zoe Culloden, who works for Landau, Luckman, Lake & Lequare.

#6 Deadpool and Weasel take two jobs. The first, to break a woman out of a mental institute. The second, to kill her.

#7 Deadpool bring Typhoid Mary back with him to The Hell house in order to get he money. T-Ray wants to nuke Deadpool.

Daredevil/Deadpool annual (1997) Cross over with Deadpool and Daredevil. Typhoid Mary wants revenge against DD and has a little fun while she’s at it.

#8 Mary decides she wants to play a game with Deadpool.

#9 Deadpool gets tricked into a trap set up by Deathtrap. This also happens to be the day AL decides to get him back for the dog.

#10 Deadpool decides to take Al to the aquarium where they run into a group of heroes.

#11 Deadpool and Al have gone back in time where they borrow the identities of May and Peter Parker. In order to return to the present, Deadpool needs the help of a young Weasel, while present day Weasel helps on the end of that “hero” group.

#12 Deadpool is loosing himself and goes searching for Terry.

#13 Deadpool falls further when he feels betrayed by everyone.

#14 Al and Weasel are I’m the box while Deadpool is buried under a couple feet of snow and appears to be dead.

#15 Deadpool spends some time at LL&L.

#16 Deadpool tags along with Bullseye on an assignment to Geece. Essentially just a way to explain what all is going on with Al, Weasel and Hell House.

#17 Al is still being cold, Deadpool has a meeting with LL&L and Ajax is interrogating Killbrew.

Annual starring Deadpool and Death (1998) Deadpool dies and we see what happened to him with Killbrew.

#18 Deadpool takes Killbrew and a random German woman to figure out how to kill Ajax.

#19 The final battle between Deadpool and Ajax, with only one survivor.

#20 Deadpool takes Monty on a little trip as a way to thank him.

Wizard #0 Deadpool, doing a job in exchange for a surgery, ends up meeting vamp-animus which leads him to someone playing with DNA.

#21 It’s revealed what Deadpool is meant to do as the Mithras, Zoe and Noah learn of Montys mind wipe, Dixon makes it more than obvious he shouldn’t be trusted.

#22 Deadpool and Cable have a heart to heart while Al and Zoe do the same and Dixon sends Noah to check on the SETI radio telescope.

#23 Deadpool is sent to do recon at the SETI where Noah was killed. Some things Dixon has been hiding from Deadpool, Monty and Zoe are revealed, as well as Dixons “Mithras”

#24 Deadpool, Al and Zoe are dead. Captain America is being prepped to become the Mithras.

#25 Final battle between the Mithras, Tiamat and the Messiah. Captain America interferes. Deadpool has a decision to make that could leave the world as is or give the world ultimate bliss.

#26 Deadpool is going on missions when he feels he’s being watched.

#27 Hallucinating, Deadpool turns to Doctor Bong and Wolverine for help.

#28 Deadpool fights with Bullseye in order to protect the woman he had been hallucinating about.

#29 The connection between Deadpool and Mercedes is revealed, as is what happened to her. Deadpool’s home is invaded by a chicken and zombies.

#30 Deadpool returns to a changed Hell House to find some information on Mercedes.

#31 Deadpool, Mercedes and Ilaney to LL&L to get help for Monty.

#32 Deadpool and T-Ray go head to head.

#33 The truth of the feud between Deadpool and T-Ray is revealed.

Baby’s First Deadpool Book Deadpool and Al go to the aquarium. Deadpool and Blarney go to a birthday party. ABCs of Deadpool. Includes dress up and colour-by-number.

#900 Wade remembers a pinky swear he made in middle school, going to fulfill that, he takes his work with him.

The Amazing Spider-Man #611 Deadpool is hired to go spend time with Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spider-Man #47 The original that Deadpool #11 is based on.


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