THE READING Books 112-114: Fushigi Yuugi, vol 1-3 (Watase Yuu)

0112K0109. Fushigi Yuugi volume 1 - Watase Yuu 0113K0110. Fushigi Yuugi volume 2 - Watase Yuu 0114K0111. Fushigi Yuugi volume 3 - Watase Yuu
Fushigi Yuugi vol 1: Priestess; vol 2: Oracle; vol 3: Disciple


GENRE Fiction, manga. Action, adventure, drama, fantasy, historical, romance, shoujo, harem

PUBLISHER VIZ Communications

PAGES 200, 192, 200

YEAR 2000, 2000, 2001

NOTES Volume 3 includes (or at least alludes to) self harm and rape.

DESCRIPTION Volume 1: Priestess Miaka Yuuki is in her third year if junior high, studying for a difficult exam to a high school her mother wants her to attend. At the library, she discovers an odd book called “The Universe of the Four Gods” which pulls her into it and trapping her. In the book, she’s meets an attractive boy with demon written on his forehead and discovers that she is the priestess of Suzaku. Now in order to get back to her own world, she must find seven Celestial-Warrior protectors.

Volume 2: Oracle Miaka is sick so in order to return her to her own world, Miaka, Tamahome, Nuriko and Hotohori go on a trip in search of Tai Yi-Jun, Oracle of Suzaku.

Volume 3: Disciple After returning to the book, Miaka finds that three months have passed. A country warring with Hotohoris country is trying to kill her, she finds another Celestial Protector. Then Miaka hears that this country has a Priestess of Seiryu and decides to leave on her own to find Yui.




Volume 1 is interesting enough for an introduction to the series. It’s published western style though, which is slightly annoying. The art itself also does look the best, more so because of how it’s printed than an actual problem with the art itself. Especially when it’s a busy page. It’s liked someone xeroxed it but didn’t know how to adjust the settings so it’s really dark. But, it’s interesting enough if you get passed all the really weird stuff that’s happening that only the side characters seem to make a bug deal out of.

Volume 2 At this point I feel as though I’m being too kind with how I’m scoring. It’s almost as if the fan service is getting to me. I feel like it’s a good idea, but they way it plays out isn’t. A couple hours in the real world is apparently a couple months in the book but it feels like only a couple of days. Everyone (aside from Nuriko) has fallen for Miaka and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. She’s not that cute and just seems to like stuffing her face. I really can’t figure it out. You see a lot of Miakas panties though. And she’s topless an awful lot, although you don’t get much in the way of details.

Volume 3 Things started to get more interesting. It’s not just Miaka stuck in a book with a bunch of hot guys. Things are starting to happen. Her brother has an idea of what’s going on. Yui has spent 3 months alone in the book where some serious stuff has happened. And of course Yui blames Miaka for it all because Miaka didn’t save her and nothing like that happened to her because she had Tamahome. I just don’t understand how Yui can blame Miaka for everything. On the up side though, Chichiri showed up and he’s nummy… especially when he doesn’t have that “cat” face. Also, you find out a little more about what’s up with Tamahome.


Anyway, although I think I’m being way too nice with the first two volumes where nothing happens, it gets better by the third. At this point, I’d suggest trying it for yourself.


Book #112-114
Keep #109-111
Lose #3


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