Men Behind the Sun (1988) live action, movie – Hong Kong

212. Men Behind the Sun
Crime, drama, historical, horror, war
Director TF Mous
Writers Liu Mei Fei, Mou Wen Yuan, Teng Dun Jing
Cast Chen Jianxin, Gou Hsu, Hao Linjie, Jin Hauzhe, Jin Tie Long, Jin Yuanrong, Li Bolin, Liu Pengyu, Liu Xuhui, Mei Zhao Hua, Quan Zhe, Tian Jiefu, Wang Gang, Wang Runsheng


A group of Youth Corps in the Kwangtung Army and assigned to Unit 731, headed by Ishii Hiro and perform experiments, especially for chemical warfare.

So… I watched it because I heard it was supposed to be really gory and scary. It wasn’t. There were a couple sort of gory parts. A vivisection, a cat and rats and a woman they were experimenting with frostbite on. But… aside from that, it wasn’t. I guess what makes it bad was that it’s based on actual experiments that were performed.


If you’re into war movies, maybe it’s worth watching although you don’t actually see any war. It just looks like a crazy man keeping people locked up and making some of them kill and torture the others. Some of which get convinced they’re better than the ones they’re killing.


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