THE READING Book 124: Sabrina The Teenage Witch (4) Halloween Havoc (Diana G Gallagher )

0124K0121. Sabrina the Teenage Witch 4 Halloween Havoc - Diana G Gallagher
Sabrina The Teenage Witch (4) Halloween Havoc

AUTHOR/ARTIST Diana G Gallagher

GENRE fiction, young adult. fantasy, paranormal

PUBLISHER Archway, Pocket Books


YEAR 1997


DESCRIPTION When she gets a Halloween she doesn’t have to spend in the other realm, Sabrina decides to have a party. With Libby trying to sabotage it, Hilda and Zelda trying to help and Aunt Vesta and her friends crashing, the party soon becomes out of control with real movie monsters and witchy “pranks”, all while trying to hide the actual truth from the mortals.


So… I kinda of felt this was slow until about half way through when Sabrinas party actually got started. Then things get messy and lead to Sabrina having to hide the truth about magic and try to keep from something horrible happening to the mortals. It was sort of sad that they didn’t do THE Gomez and Morticia kiss when Sabrina and Harvey were dressed as them though.

Book #124
Keep #121
Lose #3


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