Mai-chan’s Daily Life (Uziga Waita) book, fiction – manga

719. Mai chans Daily Life - Uziga Waita
Hentai, horror


A young girl that can’t die is kept as a slave for people with extreme fetishes. Every day she is tortured, torn limb from limb, etc.


WARNING nudity, sex/rape, pedophilia, cannibalism, torture, mutilation… umm… anything that can offend or disgust or whatever… not recommended for anyone under the age of 100. May cause heart attacks in those over the age of 100.


I… this has never happened to me before. I’ve gotten the gagging disgust type thing at certain sounds, I’ve gotten the “oh my god what is that sound?! Did that shadow move?! Somethings going to kill me!” fear. But I have never once been actually disgusted and horrified.

It starts out ok. There’s a cheerful girl, decent tits. She gets raped and tortured regularly. OK. Fine. I’m ok with this. Actually, certain things are actually good.

Then we add in a woman that can’t talk and has has her legs and arms cut off. Fine. I get it. Sometimes they get in the way. Especially if the person is a sex slave. They aren’t required unless you want a hand job or got a foot fetish or something. OK. I’m ok with this. It’s fine. She’s actually kind of cute. I’d be okay with having her as a pet.

But then there’s a little boy added to the mix. And like the main character Mai, he can’t die. “Better” yet? He actually gets pleasure from the pain. Well… I’m not into kids… this whole shota thing? Uncomfortable. Kinda really gross. I don’t get it? I personally am against it, but maybe being attracted to kids isn’t a choice. I don’t know. I don’t care. It’s something I’m completely against whether it’s something that you can control or not (since… you know… unable to actually consent and may actually cause serious harm both physically and mentally. Maybe even death). So if you do like children (and I’ll say it’s something you can’t control since I would hope no one would actually choose it), I’d much rather you use this format. Don’t involve actual children. Don’t take pictures/video, don’t look at them, don’t go near them. Just stick to manga and anime. You aren’t hurting anyone or involving anyone that can’t consent that way. People would probably still think you’re disgusting and have major issues, but maybe not want to actually kill you…

But see, when this boy is introduced, that’s when my enjoyment factor started going down and my disgust factor went up.

Now the following may have undetailed SPOILERS. Mai gets pregnant. I’m sure you can guess how. Keep in mind she’s been a sex slave for years apparently and has never gotten pregnant. Now… she gets pregnant. In a book about rape and torture. Torture for people that are obviously really sick and sadistic killers. I’m sure you can guess where this is headed.

That was when my disgust and horrified levels shot through the roof. I have never had this happen. I have seen some really sick shit. But I have never once been this disgusted or horrified by something.


So would I recommend it? After all this? Well… no? I actually suggest staying far away from it. Try to forget all about it. It failed at hentai for me. It started out ok. It did what I want from hentai in one or two chapters. BUT! Something actually disgusted and horrified me. ME!! That just doesn’t happen. So… I think it works for a horror… I’ve said plenty, so make your own decision.

Myself? I wish I would have stopped reading at the chapter where they introduced the boy. At the very least, I wish I could convince myself it had a happy ending.


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