Hostel (2005) live action, movie – USA, Germany

Director/writer Eli Roth
Cast Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, Eythor Gudjonsson, Barbara Nedeljakova, Jan Vlasak, Jana Kaderabkova, Jennifer Lim, Keiko Seiko, Lubomir Bukovy, Jana Havlickova, Rick Hoffman, Petr Janis, Takashi Miike, Patrik Zigo, Milda Jedi Havlis


Three men are backpacking through Europe. When they get locked out of the hostel they’re staying at, a man let’s them into his place and tells them of a place where you can easily get with any woman you want. Unfortunately, it turns into a fight for their lives when they’re kidnapped and tortured.


I watched this a few years ago. I remember it creeping. Maybe it was just because I was babysitting in a strange house when I didn’t even know if there was a kid… in fact, I’m pretty sure that’s what it was because this is actually really… tame. You don’t see much of anything. It’s just screaming. It either went by too fast or just passed over off of the goriness. Then the gore that was shown? Boring. Lame. Tame. I’ve seen worse. Hell, I’ve made people look gorier. Only good part was the one chicks eye. This really isn’t worth all they hype about it being on of the goriest and disturbing movies. Maybe it was a censored version? Is there two versions?


Anyway, I think this is sort of a waste of time. Even the gore there is doesn’t show up until about an hour in.


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