Rampo Noir (2005) live action, movie – Japan

210. Rampo Noir
Horror, mystery
Directors Jissoji Akio, Kaneko Atsushi, Sato Hisayasu, Takeuchi Suguru
Writers Edogawa Rampo, Kaneko Atsushi, Satsukawa Akio, Takeuchi Suguru, Yumeno Shiro
Cast Asano Tadanobu, Daike Yuko, Hara Chisako, Horiuchi Masami, Ichikawa Mikako, Kan Hanae, Matsuda Ryuuhei, Moriyama Kaiji, Nakamura Tomoya, Narimiya Hiroki, Ogawa Tamaki, Okamoto Yukiko, Taguchi Hiromasa, Terada Minori, Terajima Susumu, Yoshiyuki Yumi, Oomori Nao


Opens with Mars Canal with a naked man collapsing at the edge of a lake. In Mirror Hell women are dying mysteriously with the investigation leading to a mirror maker. In The Caterpillar a limbless war veteran is abused by his wife. Finally, in Crawling Bugs a chauffeur falls in love with the actress he works for.


It starts out with silence. Complete silence for nearly 10 minutes with maybe a minute or two of white noise and every once in a while a high pitched sound that’s nearly enough to make your ears bleed.

So obviously I didn’t like Mars Canal. No idea what was going on and the silence had me thinking something was wrong with my speakers.

Mirror Hell was interesting. I’m sort of curious about what happened to the one guy near the end. I feel like what happened to him was more interesting than what was shown. But still, women were dying by having their faces melted and there was a nummy foreplay scene.

The Caterpillar was uncomfortable. And if the woman did to her husband what I think she did… then… gross… it was creepy and disturbing and I feel really bad for the husband… I sort of just wanted them to kill him… fast…

Crawling Bugs was interesting and creepy and disturbing. I hate bugs but… this was probably my favourite just because of the guy. He was obviously going through something serious. I mean like… he went out in his underwear, started to apologize to everyone and then found a cop to get help or something and started to thank him, still in his underwear. And the end was just disgusting. It was amazing.


I almost feel like this is one to make you think, not just to disturb you or make you uncomfortable. I’d suggest skipping the first 7 minutes or so, and maybe The Caterpillar, but it’s an interesting enough watch. Although it’s over 2 hours so… really long…


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