Hell Baby (Hino Hideshi) book, fiction – manga

718. Hell Baby - Hino Hideshi


On a stormy night, a pair of twin girls is born. The one perfectly normal, the other… not. The father decides to get rid of the one that wasn’t at the dump where she lived for 7 years, feeding on insects and animals. She then goes to the city, where she discovers humans taste better.


So… it’s a zombie story about a zombie being… humane? I guess… it’s not a major thing that she’s a zombie. She dies early on then comes back and if she doesn’t eat flesh (or blood?) she begins to decompose. But more than that is the idea that she’s looking for love and a place she belongs, even though she doesn’t seem to realize that herself.

It’s considered a horror, but I have a hard time considering it a horror. I’m not sure what I’d consider it… but it’s… sad. In a good way. The only thing that’s scary is the art… well… maybe that’s a little harsh? I don’t like the art. I guess it sort of fits the story? But aside from the zombie girl, everyone looks pretty much like the same person…


Anyway, I probably would recommend this. Especially if you want something that can either make you sad or think…


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