Grotesque (2009) live action, movie – Japan

202. Grotesque
Horror, thriller
Director/writer Shiraishi Koji
Cast Hiroyama Kotoha, Kawatsuro Hiroaki, Ousako Shigeo


A young couple are kidnapped and tortured by a sadist.


First, a WARNING. There’s nudity, violence, gore and sex stuff (might be rape or sexual assault?)


I loved this movie. I think I watched the unrated version? It was creepy, disgusting, hilarious, nummy, uncomfortable and just amazing. Sometimes the gore was iffy. The was the odd thing that I’m pretty sure would have been impossible unless it was slowed down for the movie so you could see all that happened. This was probably one of the best horror movies I’ve seen in ages. I wish I would have watched it in the middle of the night after everyone else is asleep. It would have creeped me out more.

The acting was pretty good. The guy victim annoyed me though. I think it was more the character than the actor. I get it. You already got some pretty bad damage to you. But you ain’t even actually with this girl yet and you’re telling this guy you’d be willing to die for her? He’s pathetic. The girl was awesome though. Especially in the last 10-20 mins or so. The doctor or whatever he was was pretty good too. Although I wish he would have gotten a little more into it. He was doing it for sexual pleasure. He wanted them to make him horny. Make it look like you’re actually turned on by this.

Then the music! I loved it. It was perfect for this type of movie and the characters.


Anyway, I’d suggest it. It’s more gory creepy than scary creepy… but it’s possible so even better.


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