Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror (2006) anime, TV – sub

434. Ayakashi Japanese Classic Horror
Fantasy, historical, horror
Voices Midorikawa Hikaru, Sakurai Takahiro, Koyama Mami, Hirata Hiroaki, Kuwashima Houko


Yotsuya Kaidan (episodes 1-4) A woman is betrayed by her husband and becomes a vengeful spirit. Follows her, her younger sister and their lovers.
Tenshu Monogatari (episodes 5-8) A human male and a forgotten goddess fall in love.
Bakeneko (episodes 9-11) A mysterious traveling medicine salesman helps a family that has a demon with a grudge against them.


Bakeneko was probably my favourite in this. Tenshu Monogatari was pretty much just a forbidden romance thing but it was entertaining enough. Yotsuya Kaidan was probably the most boring of the bunch. I feel like I’ve seen it before. Which if these are based on legends, which it seems that at the very least, the first was, it makes sense. None of these really seemed to fall under “horror” but I can see why they would be?

I didn’t much care for the op. The music was like, rap or something? It just didn’t really suit the show with all its historical themes and such. The art seemed to suit it though.


Anyway, I say watch it. It’s not very creepy or bloody, but it’s entertaining at least, even if it’s not what I was hoping for.


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