Death Note (2015) live action, drama – Japan

199. Death Note. 2015
Detective, mystery, psychological, supernatural, thriller
Cast Kubota Masataka, Yamazaki Kento, Yuki Mio, Sano Hinako, Fujiwara Reiko, Matsushige Yutaka, Hankai Kazuaki, Sato Jiro, Maeda Goki, Oshinari Shugu, Yuge Tomohisa, Seki Megumi, Itokazu Shonen


University student Yagami Light finds a note book with the power to kill. Using this, he attempts to seek justice. On the other side, he has to go up against private detective L And Near.


I wanted to really like this. And I tried. I forced myself to keep watching, even though I wanted to quit after two episodes, I kept watching and tried to be open minded.

The problem is, I’ve watched the anime, I’ve read the mangas, I’ve read the books and I watched the movies. So much was changed, it’s not the same thing anymore. There are always going to be slight differences when you change the medium. Some things work better in different mediums. But this was more than changing a few things. This was changing characters. Sure, the odd one was similar. The shinigami, Misa and Soichiro. Some you could argue were a bit better, like Mikami and Sayu. But the main characters, Light, L, Mello and Near were completely different. I’m not going to get into Mello and Near. I’ve always hated Near and I hate this version of Mello. The reasons why they’re horrible in this version is pretty obvious.

But Light seems more interested in Misa, even before finding the Death Note than Misa is in Light himself. Of course she still has a thing for Kira, but as Light and Misa, Light definitely likes her more. Then during almost the entire series, he’s stupid, slow, pathetic and cries so damn much.

The L, when he goes out, he fits in. He has odd quirks, but not Ls quirks. He dresses weird, sits weird, drinks weird things and holds things weird. The idea that L actually cares about people goes right out the window. It’s so damn obvious that he just likes playing with them and views them like toys.

When some of your favourite characters are butchered this much, it’s hard to like it. But did I hate it? Well… no. It wasn’t my favourite. I can’t ever see myself wanting to rewatch it. But it wasn’t horrible. Sayu was stronger in this, Mikami was actually kind of cool.

I even liked the ending more in this, probably in a large part due to the fact the L had more if a hand in it. I was actually expecting things to go differently since so much had been changed.


Anyway, watch it, don’t. I don’t care. I’d suggest the anime, manga or movies before I’d suggest this though. I feel as though I probably would have liked this more if there was one of three things different on my part though. 1) if I had never read the manga or watched the anime. 2) if I wasn’t in love with the anime/manga and the characters portrayed in it or considered the manga/anime among my top 5. 3) if it was a spinoff. Had they been different characters with their own story, it would have been better.


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