The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death (2014) live action, movie – UK

woman in black 2
Drama, horror, thriller
Director Tom Harper
Writers Jon Croker, Susan Hill
Cast Phoebe Fox, Helen McCrory, Jude Wright, Oaklee Pendergast, Jeremy Irvine, Harry Burnstow, Leanne Best


A group of children and two women evacuating London during WWII arrive at the Eel Marsh House. On their trip they meet a pilot. The ghost takes a liking to one of the boys.


This was actually quite boring compared to the first. I actually started dozing off during it (and I thought I had been getting good at staying awake for “horror” movies), although that did mean I got the odd jump scare. It just didn’t keep you on edge during the entire thing. Maybe because the other had Daniel Radcliffe. Maybe I’m a bit biased? But this was kind of… Horrible… you kind of like the pilot, but that’s it. The kids are horribly obnoxious. You had one boy that refused to talk. Another that was a complete dick that locked up other kids and bullied them and a little girl that was a goody two shoes and enjoyed other kids getting into trouble. Then the main woman is the type that tries to convince people she’s happy and nice until she gets annoyed and her true self slips out. Then the other woman is kind of a bitch. Which means I thought the entire thing was a waste of time. Not sure if you’ve figured this out yet, but how much I like the characters weighs heavily on how much I enjoy something.


So, watch for the pilot and that’s all. Don’t expect much. I kind of wish horror movies didn’t have sequels.


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