Vampire Hunter (1997-98) anime, OVA – dub

425. Vampire Hunter
Action, adventure, drama, fantasy
Voices Kathleen Barr, Andrea Libman, Ari Solomon, Janyse Jaud, Paul Dobson, David Kaye, Don Brown, Nicole Oliver, Jane Perry, Alvin Sanders, Scott McNeil


The world is overrun and by monsters/demons called Darkstalkers. The most powerful of which was cast out of his world and who’s goal is to take control of it. Then there’s a man who is half human, half Darkstalker whose goal is to destroy them while hating himself. None of this matters however when a group of robots decide to kill all living things and a solar god decides to take over the world.


In all honesty, I only watched it because of a cosplay someone did of the succubus thing. It kept going back on forth between like, 5 or 6 story lines that were somehow tied together yet separate.

I took nothing away from it. I was slightly distracted by other things and it just got… annoying. I’d get interested in one story line then they changed it. So what I got was boobs, Daleks, little orphan girl getting dependant on big broken man.


It was alright I guess. Probably not something I’d watch again. Not something I’d suggest either. Even if I was distracted, other people weren’t and the nondistracted say “meh. It was alright”


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