Saiteihen no Otoko (Yamaguchi Mikoto) book, fiction – manga

715. Saiteihen no Otoko - Yamaguchi Mikoto
Mystery, horror,  psychological, shounen, supernatural


Murai Masahiko has a fetish for smells. One day, he meets and starts going out with a new transfer student with the same name and appearance as a girl who died five years previous.


I started reading this back in May of 2014. It’s only 14 chapters, and normally when it’s that short and takes me that long to read it, I’ll reread it just to get a better feel for it. I don’t feel like doing that with this one. On a way, I’m sort of disappointed in myself because this is one of those ones that’s obviously best read in a short time period with everything fresh in your mind when you get to the end. But… I guess you could say it made me sort of uncomfortable? In a good way though.

Essentially, Masahiko is a fat ass scumbag losee that no one likes or wants around. When a girl transfers in that happens to look and have the same name as a dead girl he lied about dating, he asks her out in order to not be the biggest loser. Which she agrees to… because… uhh… why not? I don’t really want to (or maybe can’t?) Get into details. Shortly after this, people in his class start changing from “scumbags” to… kids their parents can be proud of? Plus, their smells change, which being the freak he is, Masahiko picks up on right away.

Later on, it’s revealed what’s going on, how the dead girl and look alike came to be, why people are changing and what Masahiko has to do with it all.

But I think what’s creepy is that in order for these people to change, SPOILERS? the ones changing them get permission from their families. SPOILERS DONE. I think that’s what makes me uncomfortable when it comes to this. Because I’m a scumbag.


Anyway, I’m going to end this here, before I get too into spoilers. It’s worth reading at least once in my opinion though. Even if the art is a little iffy feeling. Also, keep in mind that even though I only gave it a score of 7, if I had read it start to finish in one sitting, the score probably would have been more a 9.

I’d probably be most likely to suggest it to people that like Attack on Titan or Tokyo Ghoul. Maybe Parasyte. Not sure why. There are similarities I guess but… I think it’s more a feel than anything else…


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