THE READING Books 110-111: Sailor Moon Short Stories (Takeuchi Naoko)

0110K0107. Sailor Moon Short Stories volume 1 - Takeuchi Naoko  0111K0108. Sailor Moon Short Stories volume 2 - Takeuchi Naoko
Sailor Moon Short Stories vol 1, 2

AUTHOR/ARTIST Takeuchi Naoko

GENRE fiction, manga. Drama, fantasy, magic, romance, shoujo

PUBLISHER Kodansha Comics

PAGES 200, 208

YEAR 2013


DESCRIPTION Volume 1 includes Chibi-Usa’s Picture Diary, three chapters about Chibi-Usa, her class mates, vampires, tanabata and cavities; Exam Battle Stories where the girls are studying for high school entrance exams. This includes Makoto cooking and cleaning, Ami falling in love and Minako going to Reis all girls school. Also includes a chapter where Chibi-Usa, Hotaru and Chibi-Usa’s classmates going to a pawn shop.

Volume 2 Luna falls in love in Princess Kaguya’s Lover. In Casa Blanca Memory, it’s Rei’s birthday and it’s revealed why she no longer has any interest in men. And finally, Parallel Sailor Moon, follows Usagi’s second daughter as well as the daughters of Ami, Makoto, Rei and Mina.


Overall, volume 1 is very… cute. There are enemies but it’s very… laid back? Most of the chapters revolve around Chibi-Usa and the ones that don’t give you more about how some of the other characters are. Although the last chapter threw me. There were two grade school valley girls that the guys (including Mamoru) kept nosebleeding over. It appeared that the Sailors identities were revealed (or at least their families) and it was just… weird and slightly uncomfortable…

Book #110-111
Keep #107-108
Lose #3


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