THE READING Books 107-109: Sailor Moon, vol 10-12 (Takeuchi Naoko)

0107K0104. Sailor Moon volume 10 - Takeuchi Naoko 0108K0105. Sailor Moon volume 11 - Takeuchi Naoko 0109K0106. Sailor Moon volume 12 - Takeuchi Naoko
Sailor Moon vol 10, 11, 12

AUTHOR/ARTIST Takeuchi Naoko

GENRE fiction, manga. Drama, fantasy, magic, romance, shoujo

PUBLISHER Kodansha Comics

PAGES 248, 258, 280

YEAR 2013


DESCRIPTION Volume 10 The final battle with Dead Moon Circus. Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune arrive just in time. The origins of Pegasus and the Dark Moon Circus are revealed.

Volume 11 There is a new enemy calling themselves Sailor Guardians and a new trio that may or may not be enemies, as well as a new little girl.

Volume 12 The final battle with Galaxia and Chaos.


Volume 10 I loved this volume. There was a part pretty that seemed to take from Sleeping Beauty but still. I loved this. Even if I am a little creeped out by Chibi-Usa. It’s just weird that she takes her feelings for her father and then puts them onto this guy that’s pretty much a horse when she starts falling for him. It sort of makes me wonder how she was raised that she feels this is acceptable and everyone around her ignores it. But it is really cute, both the art and story. Although in a way, it sort of annoys me that Chibi-Usa didn’t have more of a larger role in this. It seems like an enemy and story created for her, so it just seems weird to me that it was all left to Sailor Moon by the end, like usual. Although I guess you could argue that both Chibi and Tuxedo played a larger role than usual.

I didn’t really like Volume 11. I’m not sure why though. Maybe a lack of nostalgia since it’s into an arc that wasn’t dubbed into English in the anime. The others were so even with the differences between the anime and manga, it’s there. It isn’t with this. This arc seems to make very little, if any sense to me. The new guardians costumes are weird (although kinda sexy in a too revealing way) and the names are odd. Then add to it this strange little girl that barley speaks and is considered by the mother to be Usagis sister. No one knows who she is or why she’s there but she’s automatically accepted because she might be Usagi and Mamorus second daughter who has never once been mentioned before but she reminds them of Chibi-Usa (is that it?) Then it just seems sort of… disjointed… Usagi loses part of her memory and is taken to school by a new idol group, but then she has no recollection of even that when they transfer into her class?

Volume 12 is sort of confusing. They finish things up so you know what will happen in the thirtieth century, or at least have a good idea. But some things aren’t exactly explained. Luna, Artemis and Diana. Usagis parents. Especially her mother. Chibi-Chibi and Sailor Cosmos aren’t explained either. Or why Sailor Cosmos appears to have two appearances. It was mentioned that SPOILERS Sailor Cosmos was a future Sailor Moon but it never explained the new dango shape or why she has pink hair (according to the coloured art) end SPOILERS. I think it would have been better if there was ml one more volume to end the arc with another chapter or two, then have a couple chapters to finish everything off.

Overall, I do like the series though. I don’t entirely understand the 13+ age thing though. I feel like this series is fine for anyone that’s able to read and that it has the perfect amount of cute, sweet, cheesiness for preteens. Maybe a bit younger.


Book #107-109
Keep #104-106
Lose #3


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