THE READING Books 104-106: Sailor Moon, vol 7-9 (Takeuchi Naoko)

0104K0101. Sailor Moon volume 7 - Takeuchi Naoko 0105K0102. Sailor Moon volume 8 - Takeuchi Naoko 0106K0103. Sailor Moon volume 9 - Takeuchi Naoko
Sailor Moon vol 7, 8, 9

AUTHOR/ARTIST Takeuchi Naoko

GENRE fiction, manga. Drama, fantasy, magic, romance, shoujo

PUBLISHER Kodansha Comics

PAGES 264, 232, 264

YEAR 2012, 2012, 2013


DESCRIPTION Volume 7 Sailor Pluto returns although she appears to have lost her memories of being a guardian. Chibi-Usa has made a new mysterious and sickly friend. We learn more of the mysterious new guardians and the enemy, as well as their goals. Sailor Moon gets a new power up.

Volume 8 The final battle with the Death Busters. Goes into the next arc, introducing pegasus and the Dead Moon Circus.

Volume 9 Usagi has shrank to child’s size while Chibi-Usa has grown to adult size. Mamoru appears to be seriously ill. Dark Moon Circus is affecting people’s dreams and it’s revealed who Pegasus really is.


Volume 7 I kept falling asleep during this volume. I’m not sure if it’s just me or if this volume just sort of bored me. It kinda sucks that one of my favourite enemies (if I don’t include the anime only ones) coincide with my least favourite guardians. I just can’t like Neptune and Uranus. They’re too into themselves. Then the one that was the worse behaved towards them ended up becoming nicer while the one that seemed to have a thing for Sailor Moon started acting like a bitch. And then the whining. “We have to be alone. You’ll just get in our way. We have to be alone. But we want so badly to be with you all!” Well then, be with them. You all have the same goal! Work together! And then Pluto! I sort of liked her before. Sure, she wasn’t my favourite, but I sort of liked her. I mean, she risked her life to save Chibi-Usa and the rest. You can’t hate her. But then she became so cold, even to Chibi-Usa.

Volume 8 was actually fairly faced paced I think. It was one of the better and more interesting volumes so far. The last chapter especially. I sort of like Dead Moon Circus and pegasus. But the final page was great…

Volume 9 Probably has one of my least favourite enemies. They don’t really do much of anything but use animals. But it’s still a good volume in my opinion. It focuses less on Usagi and more on the others so you can see them grow. They all mature with the main “enemy” being more themselves than the Circus. Although I’m not really sure how much of what they’re fighting against are their own thoughts, but some of them have to be or it would be a lot easier for them to fight. At this point it seems as though they actually have to choose to be Guardians instead of just having it pushed onto them. Of course, I could be reading into things that aren’t there. On a side note, this is also the volume where Chibi-Usa starts to not love love Mamoru… of course her feelings start to transfer to a horse (which I will not repeat a joke I heard about why that is).

Book #104-106
Keep #101-103
Lose #3


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