THE READING Books 98-100: Sailor Moon, vol 1-3 (Takeuchi Naoko)

0098K0095. Sailor Moon volume 1 - Takeuchi Naoko 0099K0096. Sailor Moon volume 2 - Takeuchi Naoko 0100K0097. Sailor Moon volume 3 - Takeuchi Naoko
Sailor Moon vol 1, 2, 3

AUTHOR/ARTIST Takeuchi Naoko

GENRE fiction, manga. Drama, fantasy, magic, romance, shoujo

PUBLISHER Kodansha Comics

PAGES 248, 244, 248

YEAR 2011, 2011, 2012


DESCRIPTION Volume 1 Most of the main characters are introduced. This includes Usagi Tsukino, Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino and Makoto Kino and Mamoru Chiba. Aka Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Tuxedo mask. As well as a few side characters and the introduction of the Sailor Scouts first enemy.

Volume 2 Mamoru and Usagi reveal their secrets to each other. Mamoru explains why he wants the Silver Crystal. Sailor V arrives and is said to be the princess. Sailor Moon and the rest of the scouts start to get their memories back.

Volume 3 The end of the battle with the Dark Kingdom is coming to an end. And now there’s a little girl calling herself Usagi who’s arrival coincides with a new enemy.


Volume 1 It’s pretty. I’m not sure how much more I can actually say about it. It’s really pretty, especially the colour pages at the beginning. And it’s cute. So, story is cute and kind of entertaining (probably would be more so if I hadn’t watched the anime so much) and I really like the art.

Volume 2 Mamoru is kidnapped for the first time. It’s nice that Usagi emotions for him help with her powers and such… but he’s more a liability than anything, isn’t he? I wish Jupiter was in it more. She’s always been my favourite. I kind of wish the entire thing was in colour… it’s gorgeous in colour…

Volume 3 I think I have an issue with Kodansha. Half the time they seem to use Japanese terms like “onii-san” and the other half of the time they use “big brother” while keeping honorifics or random words like “chibi”. Then the previews at the end? Either Japanese or English. Then the spelling or grammar mistakes. Like “in sailor suit” instead of “in a sailor suit” or “what’ll should I do” at this point it’s getting annoying. I’m trying not to low score it because of this, but it’s getting increasingly more difficult. It’s just laziness. It makes me think Kodansha doesn’t give a damn and just wants money. I’ll probably avoid buying anything they put out from now on.
But enough of complaining of the company, the story itself feels a little rushed. Probably just because I’m used to the anime which had filler arcs between the main arcs. But they no sooner defeat one enemy when another, just as strong, if not stronger, shows up. The filler arcs villains seem weaker but more interesting to me because of that. I really shouldn’t compare the anime to the manga though. I’m just a little sore because my favourite arc is only in the anime. A do wish there was some time for them to relax and be normal kids for even one chapter though.

Book #98-100
Keep #95-97
Lose #3


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