THE READING Books 88-92: Detroit Metal City, vol 1-5 (Kiminori Wakasugi)

0088K0085. Detroit Metal City volume 1 - Kiminori Wakasugi 0089K0086. Detroit Metal City volume 2 - Kiminori Wakasugi 0090K0087. Detroit Metal City volume 3 - Kiminori Wakasugi 0091K0088. Detroit Metal City volume 4 - Kiminori Wakasugi 0092K0089. Detroit Metal City volume 5 - Kiminori Wakasugi
Detroit Metal City vol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

AUTHOR/ARTIST Kiminori Wakasugi

GENRE fiction, manga. comedy, music, seinen


PAGES 192, 200, 192, 198, 208

YEAR 2009, 2009, 2009, 2010, 2010


DESCRIPTION Volume 1 Soichi Negishi has a dorky bowl cut, loves all things hip and fashionable and loves and wants to play Swedish pop music. Unfortunately for him, he is also Krauser II, front man of death metal band Detroit Metal City.

Volume 2 Capitalist Pig Fuck is in love. An all girl punk group, Kintama girls as well as rapper Kiva want to take DMC down. Krauser goes to the amusement park and Tokyo Tower.

Volume 3 Jack Ill Darks daughter, Kenny, comes to Japan and wants to meet Krauser. Negishi still wants to quit the band to play the lame music he likes. DMC plays at a music fest.

Volume 4 continues the music fest/battle. Negishi gets a chance to go on a real date with Aikawa.

Volume 5 Photography. Scenesters. Girls. A wedding. Pigs forgetting his place. Kiva. Deathism. Pipanic Chainsaw. A new challenge.


Volume 1 is awesome. You can’t go into this expecting something really serious or something. It isn’t. It’s just this dorky 23 year old virgin that’s obsessed with Swedish pop music and French movies who somehow managed to become the lead singer of a band who’s music he hates and that sings of little else aside from rape and murder. It’s funny in an almost cruel way I think. The funniest parts tend to be when Krauser comes out in Soichis every day life and messes things up for him or when his boss is bullying him. But then he gets into character so well, it’s hard to believe he doesn’t actually like it.

volume 2 Negishi sort of annoys me. He goes on and on about how he wants to quit and he doesn’t like the music or being Krauser, but it’s more than obvious he loves it. Which puts him in hilarious situations because he gets into Krauser character even when he’s Negishi. I sort of wish his Krauser personality would come out more often. Especially when he’s Negishi…

volume 3 Campus is starting to annoy me, but he did do something good at the end of the volume. Jagi is almost Negishi level lame. Even worse, he seems unable to fully get into character even on the stage. Kenny was awesome though and I kinda hope Negishi gives up on the sow for her. Then the chapter about the pigs was great! I almost felt like the boss during it…

Volume 4 seemed to have a few chapters that focuses solely on other character. One in particular was about the bowel movements of one of them. Even I can’t get into that kind of humor. But Krauser was awesome as all hell and even Negishi seems to be realizing he was meant for this. Although he still seems to be fighting it some. Anyway, there were some parts that were a little boring… like anything with that shit band (literally) and the part with some guy trying to sign them…. but overall, it was majorly awesome and hilarious.

I feel like volume 5 was lacking a little. But it was still pretty awesome. Especially the Dark History chapters at the end of the volume. It ends with a major cliffhanger, but based on that, it looks like the next volume is gonna be even better.

Book #88-92
Keep #85-89
Lose #3


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