THE READING Books 75-77: Ouran High School Host Club, vol 6-8 (Bisco Hatori )

0075K0072. Ouran High School Host Club volume 6 - Bisco Hatori 0076K0073. Ouran High School Host Club volume 7 - Bisco Hatori 0077K0074. Ouran High School Host Club volume 8 - Bisco Hatori
Ouran High School Host Club vol 6, 7, 8


GENRE fiction, manga. comedy, drama, romance, school, shoujo, harem


PAGES 200, 200, 184

YEAR 2012


DESCRIPTION Volume 6 Ouran is having a school festival. In the running for the best placement, the host club has been getting threatening letters. Meanwhile, we learn a little more of the lives of the guys in the club.

Volume 7 The Host Club kidnap Kyoya, dragging him to, and then abandoning him with no money or phone, in a commoners store. Then Hunny and Mori’s younger brothers visit which leads to the host club trying to patch up their relationship. Haruhi is kidnapped by the Zuka club. Then an extra chapter about Hikaru and Kaoru as kids.
Love Egoist: Please Please Me A continuation from Volume 4. After the confession, nothing has changed so Sumire seems to be feeling a little insecure. Plus, Saginumas fan club has decided they want her out of the picture.

Volume 8 Class 1A are having a test of courage. The class president is a coward and unfortunately, Hikaru and Kaoru find out about it.
Kyoya tells of how he became friends with Tamaki.
The Host Club help a scary faced old-style yanki.


Volume 6 Probably one of my favourite volumes so far. Tamaki seems toned down a bit (for the most part anyway) and although it’s mostly just Tamakis life you get more details about, there is a bit about the other boys as well. In Tamakis case, it shows that he’s not just a rich boy with no problems. Although he’s still my least favourite character…

Volume 7 in all honesty, I think the Love Egoist part was the best part of this volume… I love Kyoya and Mori. It was nice seeing Kyoya put into an extremely uncomfortable position. But the rest of the host club pissed me off because of it. It’s not like they didn’t know they left him there asleep with no wallet or phone. The Hunny actually sort of annoys me. He’s my second least favourite character (although he is cute, he’s too cute. Dark Hunny isn’t too bad though. Anyway…) so having the majority of it dedicated to him and his brother was hell.

Volume 8 I love this volume. First chapter is cute. As is any chapter with plenty of the twins. Although they were really cruel. Then a chapter dedicated to Kyoya. I could deal with the annoyingness that was Tamaki in this chapter as Kyoya out weighed him. But Kasanoda! He’s high up there with favourite characters (although since he’s a side character, he tend to be forgotten about… I’m horrible….) I love Kasanoda and my favourite pairing for the series is actually Kasanoda and Tetsuya. And the faces of Tetsuya are amazing… I majorly fan girled enough to get yelled at over the parts with those two near the end of chapter 35… it was just… hnnnnmm….

Book #75-77
Keep #72-74
Lose #3


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