THE READING Books 70-73: Ouran High School Host Club, vol 2-5 (Bisco Hatori)

0070K0067. Ouran High School Host Club volume 2 - Bisco Hatori 0071K0068. Ouran High School Host Club volume 3 - Bisco Hatori 0072K0069. Ouran High School Host Club volume 4 - Bisco Hatori 0073K0070. Ouran High School Host Club volume 5 - Bisco Hatori
Ouran High School Host Club, vol 2, 3, 4, 5


GENRE fiction, manga. comedy, drama, harem, romance, school, shoujo


PAGES 192, 192, 200, 184

YEAR 2012


DESCRIPTION Volume 2 Haruhi is still in the host club, obviously getting used to it. The main problem this volume? The schools physical exam. Now they have to find a way to keep it a secret that Haruhi is a girl.
Romantic Egoist is a completely unrelated chapter centered around a pair of twins that give a girl a love potion. The girl intents to use it on a senpai she admires. That is, until she chickens out and a delinquent drinks it instead.

Volume 3 The Host Club go to Nekozawas private beach and stay over night in his mansion.
Halloween chapter!

Volume 4 After Tamaki has nightmare, the host club decide to go to Haruhis place.
Then there’s a chapter based on Alice in Wonderland with some major differences.
Love Egoist A high school girl that hides her true self has a crush on a teacher who happens to be doing the same. Which the twins from Romantic Egoist have some hand in the matter, for their own entertainment of course.

Volume 5 Haruhi’s grade drops and she is at risk of getting suspended.
Haruhi takes a job during school break leading to something good with the twins. Plus, Nekozawa and Mori each get a chapter.


The second volume is a bit better than the first. The art it toned down just a little on the eyes so it isn’t creepy/scary. My favourite character, Nekozawa finally makes an appearance. Hikaru and Kaoru get into a fight which is plenty entertaining. Then there’s a whole chapter that seems to lean toward a Mori/Hikaru pairing which is my second favourite (my first is one of the twins but they’re perfectly tied. Sometimes o think she’d be better with one, sometimes the either and I don’t like the idea of leaving them out).
Then I loved the one shot. Don’t love the twins anywhere near as much as Kaoru and Hikaru but they story itself is awesome, especially for a one shot.

Volume 3 is even better. There’s a bit leaning towards Tamaki, but considering all the amazing scenes with Hikaru, Kaoru, Mori and Kyoya, it’s easily ignored at this point. Plus, Nekozawa, my favourite character of the series, was in it an ok amount. Then of course you finally get to see Haruhi looking like a girl as well as find out what her weakness is. Plus, you get to learn more about the characters in general, although it’s still mostly surface, superficial stuff.

The side story in volume 4 wasn’t as good as volume 2, but I loved the teacher. I’m also not a big fan of the Alice in Wonderland thing. It was sort of annoying. But at least there we cute moments with Mori and Hunny. And the costumes the twins were in were just….
It’s not really far of me though… I like the cat (enough to get a Cheshire cat phone case), but I don’t like Alice in Wonderland….

Haruhi finally looks pretty normal by the fifth volume. Then since there’s chapters centered around Nekozawa, Mori and the twins, it’s great. I kinda wish there was a chapter for Kyoya… but there was a really good shot of him…

Book #70-73
Keep #67-70
Lose #3


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