THE READING Book 68: Codename Sailor V, vol 1 (Naoko Takeuchi)

0068K0065. Codename Sailor V volume 1 - Naoko Takeuchi
Codename Sailor V, vol 1

AUTHOR/ARTIST Naoko Takeuchi

GENRE fiction, manga. action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, magic, romance, shoujo

PUBLISHER Kodansha Comics


YEAR 2011


DESCRIPTION Minako Aino is a 13 year old in her first year in junior high. One day, she meets a talking cat who informs her she is a champion of justice.  Now she has to balance her school and personal life along with her new duties as super heroine Sailor V


BOOBS!! Yup. There’s boobs. Only once though. and it’s small.

Anyway, I love Sailor Moon and it’s interesting to read about Minako when she first becomes Sailor Venus and seeing her so much more similar to Usagi. I don’t really have much to say about any of it though. Aside from the fact that she sticks her tongue out way too much. But still. Plus, you get to see Usagi a couple times and Rei once. And when Mina sees Usagi, it seems as though she recognizes her. I’m not sure though. I apparently read this before but I have no memory of having read it. Not sure if that means it’s not memorable, or just that I have a horrible memory?

Anyway, I’m all for reading it, at least if you like Sailor Moon. Especially if you like Mina.

Book #68
Keep #65
Lose #3


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