It (1990) live action, movie

Drama, horror, mystery, thriller
Director: Tommy Lee Wallace
Writers: Tommy Lee Wallace, Stephen King, Lawrence D Cohen
Cast: Harry Anderson, Seth Green, Dennis Christopher, Adam Faraizl, Richard Masur, Ben Heller, Annette O’Toole, Emily Perkins, Tim Reid, Marlon Taylor, John Ritter, Brandon Crane, Richard Thomas, Jonathan Brandis, Tim Curry, Jared Blancard, Tony Dakota, Chelan Simmons

In 1960 a group of seven outcast kids has to contend with school bullies that want them dead and a clown that kills children. Thirty years later, the clown is back and the group comes together to destroy it once and for all.

It was better than the book. Then again; I read maybe a quarter of the book. It’s not very creepy or anything until you get to see the true form of Pennywise. Unless clowns creep you out. But I like clowns. I also feel like something important is missing. The characters don’t feel fully formed. Something important is missing from each of the characters but I can’t put my finger on it. I did hear that they’re going to be doing a  remake of it though. Maybe it would be better. I did like the actors though. The, Bill, was a little iffy. I think it was more the character than the actor though. Of course that could just be because I thought the actor was kinda cute…

Anyway, I like Stephen King movies so I’d suggest watching it. Even if it does have Tim Curry.


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