THE READING BOOK 66: The Weird Sisters (Eleanor Brown)

0066K0063. The Weird Sisters - Eleanor Brown. read by Kirsten Potter

TITLE The Weird Sisters

AUTHOR Eleanor Brown

GENRE fiction, audio. drama, family


TIME 10 3/4 hours.

YEAR 2011

NOTES read by Kirsten Potter

DESCRIPTION Three sisters that all have the own lives come home after their mother fall ills and their respective lives begin to fall apart when they have to choose between love and career, their freedom and their appearances.


This was a lot better than I thought it would be. I grabbed it while I was working at the library to listen to next time I went on a trip with my mom since it sounded like a show she’d watch.

It was interesting and drew you in to the characters and their lives and what they were doing or what they were going to do and everything.

The father (especially) and mother, as well as some of the side characters like the boyfriends and such, weren’t rounded off as well as they could have been, but the sisters were done quite well and to the point where you could feel what they were feeling.

I’m all for suggesting it to other people. Especially sisters.

Book #66
Keep #63
Lose #3


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