Land Before Time: Invasion of the Tinysauruses (2005) animated, movie – USA

Land Before Time 11
adventure, family
director: Charles Grosvenor
writer: John Loy
voices: Aaron Spann, Jeff Bennett, Aria Noelle Curzan, Michael Clarke Duncan, Miriam Flynn, Nika Futterman, John Ingle, Leigh Kelly, Camryn Manheim, Kenneth Mars, Anndi McAfee, Rob Paulsen, Ashley Rose, Cree Summer

Upset about being small, Little Foot tries to prove himself by getting the first tree sweet when he discovers the tiny long necks. This leads to the grown ups wanting to look for and get rid of them. Meanwhile, Little Foot makes friends with the little long necks while Ceras dad shows some interest in another woman.

I don’t get quote the same feeling from this as I did from some of the other movies. Probably because I remember watching the others as a kid. It also has the same the as a lot of other shows (Pocahontas and Beauty and the Beast for example) with the whole “they’re different than us so they’re dangerous.” But I guess it’s OK.  It was cute, and the thing Cera said about her dad was kind of funny. The songs were fun enough as well.

Anyway, definitely worth watching. Especially with kids. All kids should watch the Land Before Time movie. Actually, everyone should.


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