THE READING Book 64: DEATH NOTE volume 13: How to Read (Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata)

0064K0061. DEATH NOTE volume 13 - Tsugumi Ohba. Takeshi Obata
DEATH NOTE volume 13 How to Read


GENRE: fiction, nonfiction, paperback. mystery, supernatural, interview

PUBLISHER: Shonen Jump Advanced, VIZ Media

PAGES: 282

YEAR: 2012

NOTES: Another Note, volumes 1-3, volumes 4-6, volumes 7-9, volumes 10-12, L Change the World,

DESCRIPTION: Includes character profiles, the timeline, interviews with Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, pilot one-shot



I don’t mind the interviews and I love the one shot, although I am a little curious about how it ended. I also think the eraser was hilarious… kill a bunch of random people, bring them back and try to convince everyone it’s a zombie apocalypse or something.

Overall though, this one seemed cheap. It’s only the second time I’ve read this book and it’s completely falling apart. And I’m not that mean to my books. Some of the information in it was wrong. It had some characters dying the year after the person that killed them, it had the wrong shinigami saving Misa, and it had quite a few spelling mistakes such as ‘fty’ for ‘fifty’. It’s sort of depressing. Even worse is the fact that this was at least the fifth printing. It couldn’t have been fixed after the first printing?

Book #64
Keep #61
Lose #3


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