Akage no Anne (1979) anime, TV – sub

419. Akage no Anne
Drama, historical, shoujo, slice of life
Voices: Yamada Eiko, Saikachi Ryuuji, Kitahara Fumie, Inoue Kazuhiko, Takashima Gara, Asou Miyoko

A young orphan girl named Anne is taken in by an older brother and sister when a mistake is made when they mean to adopt a young boy.

It starts from the beginning when Matthew and Marilla mean to adopt a boy, instead getting her and ends about 5 years later.

I love Anne of Green Gables. Really I do. But this is maybe a like. I love the story obviously. I don’t think there were really actually any changes from the book. But the art really got to me. I started getting used to it near the end when they finally figured out how to draw Annes head. But during the majority  of the show, Annes head was an odd shape and the fact that she was the only character with light coloured eyes didn’t help as whoever was in charge of the art paid no attention to the pupils. That and the black expression she had most of the time made her look soulless. Then as cute as Diana was, she was perpetually surprised. Then I knew what was coming in episode 47 and wanted to just skip it  I didn’t though and cried like a baby.

It was just the character art I didn’t like though. Everything else was great and I’d say I must for people that love Anne of Green Gables.


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