THE READING Book 63: SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH #19 Shamrock Shenanigans (Diana G Gallagher)

0063K0060. SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH 19 Shamrock Shenanigans - Diana G Gallagher
SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH #19 Shamrock Shenanigans

AUTHOR: Diana G Gallagher

GENRE: fiction, young adult, paperback. fantasy, magic

PUBLISHER: Archway Paperback, Pocket Books

PAGES: 159

YEAR: 1999


DESCRIPTION: When Sabrina offends a leprechaun named Fergus, he vows to torment her until she respects him or until she helps him steal the kings gold. She prefers the pranks until Fergus gives real shamrock cookies to Mr Kraft, Harvey, Val and Libby and they decide to help get the gold. With no choice left, Sabrina and the rest go on a trip on a rainbow through Irelands history. Meanwhile, back in Westbridge Helda and Zelda have to try and deal with a bunch of mortals preparing for a St Patricks day parade having eaten the cookies and being able to see the leprechauns.



It’s a Sabrina book. There’s not much to actually say about it. It’s entertaining enough, although I feel as though it ended a little too abruptly. There was only about four pages after Sabrina was caught stealing the gold. The leprechauns are entertaining and a little funny though.

Book #63
Keep #60
Lose #3


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