Hana Yori Dango: Final (2008) live action, movie – Japan

198. Hana Yori Dango FinalComedy,  romance
Starring: Matsumoto Jun, Oguri Shun, Inoue Mao, Matsuda Shota, Abe Tsuyoshi

When a family heirloom given to her by Domyoujis mother for their upcomong wedding is stolen, Makino and Domyouji go on a trip to get it back while finding themselves in the process.

I’m really surprised that these two haven’t completely lost it yet. Everything seems to go horribly wrong and it seems like people are being horribly cruel to the two of them for no reason. It started getting annoying. But what’s really annoying is that this ends when Makino is about 23. They started going out in her second year of high school, right? So it would have started when she was about 16? Why, after everything that happened and how things are at the end (which I’m not gonna say in case of apoilers), why the hell is she still calling him Domyouji? Isn’t that his last name? It’s about time to move onto first names… I am glad to see more of Mimasakas family. It’s also nice to see Makino finally figure out what she wants, even if she was questioning everything the majority of the movie. Probably during 2/3 or 3/4 of the movie.

It made me suspicious of Domyoujis mom, dislike Makino’s parents even less, question everyone’s loyalties and want to hit Makino and Domyouji. But it was nice to see how it finally ended.

I’d say watch it. Yes, I’m complaining a lot. No, it’s not the best movie ever. But it’s not actually that bad of a movie and it is entertaining.


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