THE READING Book 62: DEATH NOTE L Change the World (M)

0062K0059. DEATH NOTE L Change the World - M
DEATH NOTE L Save the World


GENRE: fiction, hardcover. action, mystery, psychological, horror


PAGES: 188

YEAR: 2012

NOTES: Another Note, volumes 1-3, volumes 4-6, volumes 7-9, volumes 10-12, volume 13,

DESCRIPTION: Based on live action movie of same name. An alternate ending taking place after volume 7 (or more specifically, chapter 58) where in order to prove Light is Kira, L writes his own name in the Death Note. Now with 17 days left to live, L has his final job: stop a virus more contagious and deadly than Ebola from getting into the hands of a group of terrorists, running from the FBI and protecting a young girl.



From the end of 2 days on I kept tearing up. Actually, I was tearing up a lot during the entire thing. With less than 20 days left to live and spending time with a young girl that’s normal in comparison to what he’s used to, his more human side really shows which is just really sad… on so many levels because so much of it points out how lonely his life must have been but how much he really cares about everyone. To me, this was how it should have ended. Not with Light being pathetic and losing because of an inflated ego and his pawns messing up and getting used by multiple enemies, but a one-on-one battle of wits that he lost only because he didn’t expect L to write his own name in the book. That being said, it pretty much glosses over all of that. It starts off just before the Kira case and then jumps ahead to when he writes his name, skipping a couple days to after everything goes down and L is alone finishing as many cases as he can.

Anyway, it’s a really sweet book centered around Ls final job (which I personally love the plot of) and a little girl that isn’t anywhere near as annoying as Near and Mello

Book #62
Keep #59
Lose #3


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